Liszt Is An Underrated Genius

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Liszt Is An Underrated Genius

Post by kamalayka »

I don't know how many people here like his music, but I thought I'd share my favorites from him anyway.
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Re: Liszt Is An Underrated Genius

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I don't know that "underrated" is the right term, I think he is rated rather highly amongst classical music fans. I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject of classical music, but I am familiar with his name along with DeBussey, Vivaldi, et al... I think Paganinni is overrated, especially amongst guitar players.

Thank you for the links, this is wonderful early morning music.
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Re: Liszt Is An Underrated Genius

Post by dannyahansen »

I have several works of his on CD from Leslie Howard.
Liszt is probably my favorite composer, either him or Rachmaninoff. I really like Brahmas too. Chopin is a must as well.

These are some you should check out
Douze Grandes Études specifically no 11 in D flat Major. But you should listen to them all.
These are some of the best as well as the Hungarian rhapsodizes.

Other recommendations are:
Album d'un voyageur No 4: Vallée d'Obermann : this is claimed by many to be a master piece.
Années de pèlerinage, première année – Suisse No 4: Au bord d'une source
Trois Morceaux suisses all 3 of them
Gretchen aus Faust-Symphonie S513
Totentanz S525, THis is one of his best pieces. Totally worth checking out.
Piano Concerto No 1 in E flat major S124
Piano Concerto No 2 in A major S125

There are many more but this will keep your ears busy.

Also you really should check out Brahmas Piano Concerto no 2 in B flat major. That to me is a major master piece. Represents some of the most complex composition I have ever heard.

It should be noted that Liszt is very well respected and honored. The man was a genius. It was said that he could site read any thing. In fact it was said that he was able to site read Grieg's piano concerto and that Chopin was very jealous of his ability. From what I have read Liszt would practice upwards of 12 hours a day.
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