yngwie thoughts on randy

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yngwie thoughts on randy

Post by romeorose2 »

Would anyone like me to ask Yngwie Malmsteen some questions on his thoughts/opinions of Randy Rhoads and videotape it?

If so, what would you like me to ask him or how would you like it phrased?

I just remember seems like a couple times in the press it seemed like Yngwie kinda slighted Randy or dismissed his talent.

So seeing how maybe his exact words may not have reflected what he truly meant or really thinks, I thought it might be cool to get Yngwie to really elaborate and talk more openly about how he feels about Randy.

The thing that bothers me most about Randys death is not knowing how he would have compared to Yngwie if Randy was still alive now. Would he have become very much like Yngwie in releasing many instrumental songs, mostly all classical based guitar, and even doing stuff like Yngwie did with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra... those are the things that I wonder about.

Anyway, I've only heard Yngwie rarely and very briefly mention Randy in the past, so I'm gonna try to get him to talk more about Randy and videotape it all and post it online.
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Re: yngwie thoughts on randy

Post by Donnie »

He made some good comments about Randy. I think it was around the induction ceremony but he stated Randy was really onto something with the way he wrote and structured his songs..Something along those lines.
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Re: yngwie thoughts on randy

Post by skezza »

It's always been my opinion that Randy wasn't a big influence of Yngwie's. When he was asked recently who he preferred out of Eddie and Randy, he chose Eddie without even blinking. I doubt Yngwie dismisses his talent, but when people try to align you with a certain player, if that player had absolutely no influence on you, then you're more likely to take a negative view of them.
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