CGi generated footage

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CGi generated footage

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I was just sitting here thinking at some point a CGI generated OZZY concert with Randy would be possible. The audio exist so the way things are advancing with A.I. and CGI it would be possible to computer generate a whole OZZY and Randy DOAM concert in the not so distant future. I know it's not the real thing, but at some point the technology might be good enough and cheap enough to recreate a full concert from the past. I think it would be entertaining even though you would know it's not really the actual members of the band.
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Re: CGi generated footage

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I had a thought about that awhile back. The way technology and animation has advanced,it would take some scans of the footage of Randy,use the Speak Of The Devil /82 vid for reference and lining it all up with say Kalamazoo or cleaned up Chicago. The question is,it takes people/time and money. Also premission for likeness and rights to use the music. Rhoads and Osbournes would have to sign off on a project like that. Who knows....
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