Phoenix Bros footage?

Talk about Randy Rhoads here.

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Phoenix Bros footage?

Post by romeorose2019 »

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I would like to track down the "Phoenix Brothers" Randy Rhoads footage...
Anyone have their actual address? Or contact info? Or any clues at all?
I figure since I am here in the area I may as well try to do whatever I can to obtain this footage that everyone else has so far failed to get from them.
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Re: Phoenix Bros footage?

Post by Rhoadsfan266 »

No audio! Whats the point? Try to sync up from another show and get aggravated watching it, good luck!
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Re: Phoenix Bros footage?

Post by shawn »

Imagine having this asshole getting in contact with you in the real world. For the love of god please, if you do have contact information, do not share it.

Romeo one day you are going to push the wrong button and maybe in the last seconds you will wonder why you did not get help sooner.
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Re: Phoenix Bros footage?

Post by lyon76 »

That is some funny sh$t right there Shawn lmao and I have to agree. Don’t give this guy any info lol
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