The Board rules !!

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The Board rules !!

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We gotta have some rules so we're all on the same playing field, eh?

Be as respectful and polite as you would want someone to be too you.

This site is not a XXX want that then pay for it!! So no pics or posts that go too far...some language o.k. but, if found offensive will be disallowed.

Make friends and have a good time!

Avatars are allowed, but do not steal custom made avatars from people. Ask and I'm sure you will recieve. There is also an avatar gallery for you to choose from.

This is a place for fans to meet and unite in a positive atmosphere. We intend to keep it that way, so please check your prior online baggage at the door and leave it there.

Trolls and Flames. Obviously, it's hard to tell whether or not someone is a troll until they start posting. So, to keep open and fair, we allow everyone the opportunity to post / speak freely, but when it becomes obvious that someones sole purpose is to come here to abuse people, we have to draw the line. Therefore, posts that are abusive or demeaning will be immediately edited/deleted. Please understand that we do so only in the most severe of situations and only to those who are obviously not here for any other reason than to cause trouble.

Last but, most important ..... HACKERS AND CRACKERS CAN F%@K RIGHT OFF!!!!

Thank you. :!:

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