BLS 8/1/2013 in Salt Lake City Utah.

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BLS 8/1/2013 in Salt Lake City Utah.

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So I figure I would fill you all in on my recent ventures with BLS. On 7-31-2013 there was clinic hosted by Nick of BLS in Salt Lake City.

I have to say he is a genuinely nice guy. He played some licks and told a boat load of stories. Mainly about how he got the gig with Zakk and he talked about his career. He got the gig back in 1996 by just submitting an Email to Zakk asking him that if he ever needed another guitar play to drop him a line. And about a week or 2 later Zakk called up and ask him to send him a demo tap and some photos of him playing. Zakk then called back some months later asking him what he was doing in July because he was going to fly out and meet him. Any way it was really nice meeting him and chatting with him. He gave me a healthy respect to not have an ego about things. He said in "BLS there are no egos." I think this is true. As Zakk appears to be a really good guy too. And I have never seen him or heard of him being a dick to a fan. Carrying on, later on Nick asked who was all going to the concert. About 1/2 the room said they were. He asked the rest of us why we were not going. I responded along with others "That money was the biggest issue and that I had 4 kids and that I was over draft", quite literally. So he responds that we were all invited to come hang with them and see the concert. I had never actually seen Zakk in person. It totally cool. I was about 10 feet away from him when he was doing his solo. The guy is an unreal player. I have to say that seeing some one play something live versus seeing a video are 2 different things. I was really blown away by Zakk's playing. It was really awesome. I mean I have seen hundreds of Zakk Wylde footage. And I have learned a lot of licks of his. But there was something about seeing it first hand. Any way the show was really good. I really enjoyed the whole set list. I was actually sad that it seemed so short. I could have watch him play for 3 more hours.
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