Zakk's Coffin Guitar

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Zakk's Coffin Guitar

Post by RR-ElectricAngel »

Zakk has gotten a "green light" from his doctor to take part in the Halloween (October 31) BLACK LABEL SOCIETY performance in Times Square (New York City) to promote his new limited-edition Epiphone Graveyard Disciple guitar. Zakk has also scheduled an in-store midnight signing session on October 30th at Sam Ash in New York City to unveil the guitar which is shaped like a coffin. Time to wake up the dead!! ... veyard.jpg
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OMFG the title scared me, I thought "HOLY FUCKING SHIT HE DIED"
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Post by wareagle »

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Post by skezza »

doesn't do it for me.
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Post by GUITARIDOL5682 »

What a shit design, OK its hard to be original but i've seen Zakk with better shaped guitars over his career.
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Post by Alex »

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Post by NicDots »

Zakk has a nack for making and designing supremely ugly guitars.
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Post by ptate »

Pah.....Old hat that design.

My luthier mate built a coffin shaped guitar for a punk band in london about ten years ago (at least). His had all the handles, hardware etc. on it too.....Tasteful eh?
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