Randy Rhoads 'Mini' Polka Dot V Guitar and Display Case

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Randy Rhoads 'Mini' Polka Dot V Guitar and Display Case

Post by zachrockafellow »

My dad built this mini Randy Rhoads Flying V guitar about 10 or 12 years ago, and it has been sitting in a cardboard box case ever since. This year, I decided it was time to put that guitar on display as it should be. I built this display frame around it. Hope you all enjoy!

I used a Rolls Royce Sticker for the RR Logo (It has the RR's just like Randy did on his old business cards)

Then went to the trophy shop (again, another very 'Rhoads'-like thing to do) and got his name engraved onto a plastic nameplate (similar to the one he has on his LP pickguard)

I used the purple faux fur to make it look a bit like the inside of a guitar case - not sure if that translated well or not, but it looks good either way.

Then covered the corners with (yes, I know this is blasphemy) Fender amp covers. Why Fender? Because they fit, and the road case ball corners were just too big.
Photoshopped version
Photoshopped version
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