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CD,mp3,Flac what is your fave format?
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Author:  oth [ Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:59 am ]
Post subject:  CD,mp3,Flac what is your fave format?

im old so cd's are it for me...i do own and listen to an ipod but cd's sound better to me.
My only problem with cd's is that there are so many re-issues of the same album and the quality can vary a lot.Cd's can be had for 1$ at goodwill stores and at barnes and noble you can get the entire van halen,rush,neil young collection for $5 a cd.They have a 5buck and 8$ section.I am looking to get zep 4 but you cant find it under 12$ and it comes in crappy paperback covers as does the rest of the zep collection!
So cd's are actually a cheaper alternative to all this mp3 stuff and sound better.

So is this younger generation in the dark about cd's vs mp3 ?
I dont do pandora or spotify and dont know what they are really... and itunes and amzon download music seems like a scam -especially apple.What is really wack is having all your stuff on clouds these days.What if you miss payment or the company goes bust.All your photos and songs are gone.Or they decide to jack up rates and your property is held hostage essentially.

i learned from all the 'free' photo storage websites where i wasted a lot of time uploading my stuff and then a few yrs later they make you pay or they went bust.
Screw that,lesson learned.The cloud is a scam and you own nothing on it if though you have paid.Better to have physical item in hand.

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