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Autographed Blizzard Tour Program
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Author:  Whipper [ Wed May 29, 2013 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Autographed Blizzard Tour Program

Well, after several years of frustration and close calls, I finally got my paws on Randy's autograph, along with Ozzy's and Bob's, on the back of the 1980 UK tour program. I had pretty much given up on it until our very own GUITARIDOL put his up for auction on eBay a month ago. Even cooler yet, it came with a letter from the person Shaun had bought it from a few years ago, in which he describes the scenario of him getting it signed:

The day after the Gig at the City Hall there was a record signing at Valences Record Shop on Chapel Walk in Sheffield city centre. (I bunked off school to go). This was a record shop on top of an electrical retailer. We were allowed upstairs en masse. There were some bouncers there who were shouting at people to move back, Ozzy kept shouting at people to push forward. He was dressed in a fur coat and had his nails painted black. We queued up to get Ozzy and Randy Rhoads autograph, no one seemed interested in Bob Daisley, but I got his autograph anyway, Lee Kerslake wasn't there that day, so I didn't get his signature. Bob Daisley was wearing a Rainbow - 'Down to Earth' Tee Shirt, which i thought was unusual as he had not long before been sacked by Ritchie Blackmore.


I got it custom framed, and when I went to pick it up after it was ready, the lady who was bringing it out from the back of the shop was chanting "Ozzy". She then tells me how this was the best album ever, and that when she got married, they actually played "Goodbye To Romance" at their wedding! Here it is now in its permanent home:



Thanks again for everything Shaun!

Author:  GUITARIDOL5682 [ Wed May 29, 2013 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Autographed Blizzard Tour Program

Hi Ric, Thanks for being so appreciative and i know you've been after something signed by Randy for a such a long time. It looks cool in that frame amongst your other items in your office. I noticed those picks in the frame, is that one of those special pick frames. I've got loads of picks and other items i should really get framed. If i framed all the stuff i've got, the house would look like the Hard Rock Cafe. Cheers for posting that up its made my day ;-)

Author:  Whipper [ Thu May 30, 2013 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Autographed Blizzard Tour Program

GUITARIDOL5682 wrote:
I noticed those picks in the frame, is that one of those special pick frames.

Yes, it's the Pixxs Guitar Pick Display -- this one holds 35 picks. He did make a huge one that held over a hundred picks. There's two sheets of glass to these things, front and back, so it weighted a ton! Unfortunately, he seems to have closed shop. The site is gone and the email gets bounced back. I made an animation for him to help him promote it and explain the design, and now people are always bugging me about how to get a hold of one. I don't understand why he quit because business was really taking off for him, but he was a bit flaky so who knows. Brilliant design though, they look awesome! And there's nothing else like it available, just those stupid "petri dishes" that only hold one pick each.

And yeah, the office is looking more like the Hard Rock Cafe now for sure! My wife's desk is in the opposite corner, where all the framed signed Scorpions albums covers are, along with a hanging white Gibson Explorer with black electrical tape stripes to make it look like Matthias Jab's guitar. :lol:

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