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 Post subject: Mislabeled Recordings
PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 10:40 pm 
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I've found quite a few mislabeled Randy Rhoads tapes out there. I’ve traded for all of these, some more than once! This is not to say that these shows do not exist on tape, just the copies that I got a hold of were not accurate. If you have any of these shows and believe that they’re the real thing, please let me know! I’d like to trade for them!

While you'll never know whether the dates and places are 100% accurate on all of these shows, I've decided to list the recordings that I've known to have been around for more years as the (more) legitimate source(s). I figure that there is less of a chance that the dates and places have been tampered with. I have also added some (limited) information for a few recordings that are pretty much known to be false. Mainly the Violet Fox recordings and the third, unreleased Quiet Riot record with Randy Rhoads.

This should give you some idea as to what is really what and what isn't really what it says it is. (huh?) If you've got any information to add,... feel free to e-mail me


Violet Fox & Mr. Cool


(Left to right) Load Up, Violet Foxes/Quiet Riot:The Demos, Rhoad to Eternity, The Earliest Sessions, Starwood Club '79, From Obscurity to Eternity, From Obscurity to Eternity (cover 2), Suicide Show... are but a few of the records or cd's that have the Violet Fox songs which are not legitimate. At the March 19, 1999 memorial in San Bernadino, CA, Randy's mother said that Violet Fox never recorded anything - to the best of her recolection. The supposed Violet Fox songs are: She's so Treacherous, Don't you want it Back, Load up, and Load up (Instrumental) - the latter two, a.k.a. Flame on, and Flame on (Instrumental).

Mr. Cool - is also another song on some of these records and cd's that is neither a Randy Rhoads composition or a Randy Rhoads performance. Mr. Cool was recorded by the band Killer Kane around 1974 or 1975 and featured singer Steven Duren - a.k.a. Blackie Gooseman - later to be known as Blackie Lawless. A version of this song turned up on W.A.S.P.'s The Last Command.


Quiet Riot's third Album

Actually, there never was a third album. There wasn't even another album in the process of being recorded when Randy left Quiet Riot. All the songs that comprise the compilations of demos for what is popularly called Quiet Riot's third album are actually just a collection of various demos and outtakes that span virtually the bands entire early career. The songs usually associated with this grouping are: Force of Habit, Always on the Run, Mighty Quinn, We're Gonna have a Riot, Breaking up is a Heartache, Picking up the Pieces, Shakedown, One in A million and Cash on the Line. This group of songs appear in part or in whole on:
From Obscurity to Eternity
Violet Fox/Quiet Riot: the Demos
The Earliest Sessions
Randy Rhoads Demos
Quiet Riot III (demos + live)
Quiet Riot 3

Well then, where did they come from?
They actually span from early 1976 to the mid part of 1979. According to various interviews, liner notes and Kevin DuBrow:

Force of Habit - is a March 1976 demo.
Always on the Run - was left off of Quiet Riot 1. Recorded June-August of 1977.
Mighty Quinn - was left off of Quiet Riot 1. Recorded June-August of 1977.
We're Gonna have a Riot - was left off of Quiet Riot 2. No vocals/solos were recorded. Recorded June-Sept. 1978.
Breaking up is a Heartache - is a demo from 1979.
Picking up the Pieces - is a demo from 1979.
Shakedown - is a demo from May 1979 with Rudy Sarzo playing bass. I believe he also wrote this song.
One in A million - is a demo from May 1979 with Rudy Sarzo playing bass.
Cash on the Line - is just a live recording from 1977.


Quiet Riot

6.19.79 - Starwood Club, Hollywood, CA and 9.20.79 - LosAngeles, CA
are the same source as 10.25.79 - Starwood Club, Hollywood, CA


Ozzy Osbourne

Over the Mountain - demo / unmixed track

I have received two copies of this version of Over the Mountain over the years. The first sounded like someone recorded someone else playing the record through a p.a. in a warehouse or something. Then I received a copy that, at first listen, sounded like the solo only had one guitar, not the two or three Randy was known for. However, if you put in a copy of Diary of a Madman and que it up to the solo in Over the Mountain and drop out the right side - yes. It is the same recording.


Album: Deadly Deeds, 10.17.80 - City Hall, Newcastle, England is the same source as 9.12.80 - Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland

10.28.80 - Luciano, Mayfair & 11.19.80 is the same source as Sunderland, Mayfair


Left to right: Live in Cleveland, The Axeman, Load Up, Blizzard of Axeman, Another Tribute, Dirt Rhoads.

5.11.81 - Music Hall, Cleveland, OH (Compact Disc: Live in Cleveland)
6.4.81 - Indianapolis, IN (Compact Disc: The Axeman, Load Up, Blizzard of Axeman)
8.19.81 - Starplex, Dallas, TX (Compact Disc's: Another Tribute, Dirt Rhoads, Randy's Revenge)
1.31.82 - Cleveland, OH (Supergroup Broadcast - only)
3.18.82 - Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN

...are all the same source as 7.28.81 - St. Denis Theatre, Montreal, Quebec


4.24.81 - Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ is the same source as 4.25.81 - Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA

7.81 - Kitchener, Ontario is the same source as 7.27.81 - Toronto, Ontario

8.18.81 - Premier Theater, Norfolk, VA is the same source as 8.31.81 - Pine Knob, Clarkston, Michigan

2.19.82 - San Antonio, TX is the same source as 1.15.82 - Minneapolis, MN

3.11.82 - Houston, TX is the same source as 1.15.82 - Minneapolis, MN

3.17.82 - Atlanta, GA is the same source as 5.11.81 - Music Hall, Cleveland, OH

1982 Miami, FL (Compact Disc's: Diary of Miami) This one was just plain silly, Randy was two days shy of actually playing in Miami.

1982 - Memphis, TN (CD: The Axeman's Cometh) is the same source as 4.28.82 - Memphis, TN with Brad Gillis on Guitar.

1982 - Los Angeles, CA (Album: Captured Live) is the same source as 6.17.82 - Long Beach, California with Brad Gillis on Guitar

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 Post subject: Same Problem
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 1:50 am 
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I started a thread about this very subject about a year ago. This does help indeed...

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 Post subject: Re: Mislabeled Recordings
PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:38 am 
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Violet Fox, not Foxes, Never recorded anything, never even thought about it...they were together for maybe 3-4 months at the end of '71...Randy was in 9th grade & didn't make the 'Real' music scene until the middle of 72...They only had 3 members Randy, Guy P on rhythm turned so low to sound like a bass & Kelle (Doug) Rhoads on drums/Vocals...very short lived.

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