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 Post subject: New Joe Holmes Interview Mentions Being A Student Of Randy
PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:41 am 
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Joe Holmes his time as a student of Randy Rhoads

LRI: Were you taking lessons from Randy Rhoads at this point or did that come later?

JH: I ended up & I don’t even remember the guys name but this guy came into my life for about two weeks, maybe three weeks but he was taking lessons from Randy Rhoads. He brought me to The Starwood. I don’t know if it was his last show or one of his last shows with Quiet Riot. I saw Randy there and was blown away! I hadn’t been to any clubs or how I lucked in to going to this thing but this guy drove me because he was a little older so we went to this show. About two or three weeks later, I got to go where Randy was teaching at Musonia, at his Mom’s music school which is in North Hollywood.

I was sitting in the room with my Sister & I am telling you, it was so intimidating that I didn’t even want to go in there. I was like “Let’s get out of here!” I would have wanted to come back another time. He got done with his lesson and here came Randy walking out there & once I started taking lessons from Randy, I always really loved music but now I really wanted it. Taking lessons from him, he gave me such a great foundation. I stopped going to school for like forty-three days in a row or something like that. I was just working on what he was showing me. It was a while and the truant officers were calling the house. My Dad was cool with it but my Mom was freaking out and ended up crying about it a couple times.

I ended up going back. I walked in and they were going to send me to another High School. I said “then I’m not going to go to school then.” They kept me in that school because they want you to keep going. That was one of the experiences when I was taking lessons from Randy is that I was just really going for it! His love for music was so contagious that it really rubbed off on me. I loved music but he put it in a way for me to really understand where I was going with it. I was already in to the Michael Schenker thing so I already kind of knew how to play but he really set me off in the right direction too & in just the right time because a few months later he got the Ozzy gig.

When he got the Ozzy gig, the night before he was leaving to do the records, I was helping him take out a couple of Anvil Cases, like the long pedal board that he had. I was so happy for him but so sad. I would have taken lessons from him for years. I lived for it, I loved it! It was great because my Dad used to go with me all the time too, he would sit in there!

My Dad was such a huge huge support, my whole family was but my Dad, like when I was telling you about the High School thing. He bought me a Marshall head & he ended up going to New Jersey for something & when I walked back in to school they called my parents when I was at class so I had to go in and meet the Principal with my parents there. They were showing these report cards & showing them all this stuff. When I left there, my Dad was like “Hey! When you get home, I want to hear that Marshall!” (Laughs)

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 Post subject: Re: New Joe Holmes Interview Mentions Being A Student Of Ran
PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:25 pm 
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Great read, thanks for sharing. Joe had a cool Dad that's for sure!

I always enjoy hearing personal stories about Randy because it shows him has a normal person rather than a mythical guitar legend.

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 Post subject: Re: New Joe Holmes Interview Mentions Being A Student Of Ran
PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 3:58 pm 
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His new band Farmikos is pretty interesting....His interpretation and use of the diminished runs on this new CD are pretty cool..Good tonality as well..

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