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 Post subject: Re: Tommy Aldridge interview very interesting
PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:07 pm 
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GUITARIDOL5682 wrote:
Sky wrote:
There's no shortage of cunts in this world. A lot of us would be permanently unemployed if we turned down work because the management is run by a cunt.

Yeah but going back time and time again knowing your doing this for a gig or helping out writing an album to better that person's life style. Biting off the hand that feeds you can be regretful but would you really want to help out any cunt if you were being shat on every time. But as we say a 'lesson in life from the school of hard knocks'. Or just being two faced when asked about your employer, you only tell the people you can trust that you are employed by a bunch of cunts.
Sky wrote:
Bob didn't go back to work with Ozzy 'in desperation' or 'licking his wounds'. He was happy working and recording with Uriah Heep and he was earning a wage.

Bob has always put out that he was desperate in a 'take it or leave it' world. If i leave this band will the next one be better in life. Going from selling knick-naks on a market stall when you've just been on a world tour with a major band. Hey to do that shows he would lower himself to make a crust. Plus when his wife was pregnent he had to make the correct choice for better or worse ?. For example if Dio had not of joined up with Black Sabbath would Bob of getting the shout out to be in Dio. Some times just being around those 'correct people' can make your career choice for you.
Sky wrote:
People choose to believe what they want to believe, even when the information is out there from plenty of sources to prove that their conclusions are misguided or dumb.

Troy it's knowing both sides of the story, being in the know, in a situation when your not there. It's a time when Bob is not in the loop. For example when Rudy Sarzo was getting praised up for the playing on the Diary album. He took that praise and Bob was in ear shot, be it ego or not wanting to say "Oh for the record that's not me on that album". Rudy was on the cover for that album and where would you rather be ?. You can sign that album cover for a fan, but would you do that when your not pictured or mentioned on that product.
That's all Bob want's in life is that recognition, but you don't have to shout it from the roof tops when someone else is putting their point across. That's all Tommy is doing, why would he have to 'big the story up' or change the time line of when he said it. It doesn't matter, they wanted the image of the band to look better. That's why Bob and Lee got fired, Bob was only ever asked back because Ozzy couldn't write lyrics or bang out a decent tune without being guided. When he was on stage with Ozzy he was there because he was replacing someone at the last minute when gigs had been booked etc. You just have to look at the revolving door of musicians in the Ozzy line up to see it's an image thing on a visual performance and if you can actually play that instrument well ...Well that's a bonus. As far as Tommy replacing the drums on those early albums, they may of thought Tommy would give the album a lift for the groove of the album. Sharon always pushed for him to be in the band, if not for his looks ?? his drumming is world class, as is Lee's. But like Carmine Appice do you want the focus being on Ozzy on stage or your world class drummer..Tonight on Stage Ozzy with TOMMY ALDRIDGE on drums. He was another guy who was on the rebound with Ozzy a couple of times.

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