Gibson recordings for article in off topic

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Gibson recordings for article in off topic

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As a huge thank you to Gibson for organising member of the month and giving me a shot, I have made three videos of recording all done on Gibson Guitars (except the acoustic pieces which were recorded on the guitars in my signature)
Cheers and I hope you enjoy. They are chronological to my member of the month autobiography too.

Part one
Tributes to Randy Rhoads (Mr Crowley second solo), Bach (excerpt from Prelude BWV 997), and Led Zeppelin, Going To California (except)

Part two
Tributes to Yngwie Malmsteen (Disciples From Hell), Improv' and hats off to Hendrix, Page and Healey, Minor Swing improvisation dedicated to Djangoxxxxx

Part Three
1st movement from Leo Brouwer's El Decameron Negro (excerpt), Jerry's Breakdown solo. A hats off to Chet Atkins and Jerry Reedx, The Longing improv', an original piece influenced by Juan Martin and Paco de Lucia and finally In Your Dreams part two, written by me also. This piece uses Classical and electric guitars and was played on my GOR Les Paul.


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A+, nice trills!
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