RRCD PROJECT 2-Please Read

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RRCD PROJECT 2-Please Read

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Dear ladies and Gentlemen

The second RRCD Project is receIving entries for the new album, which will be released March 2010.

What is the RRCD Project?

For the new/younger posters who may not know what this is, it is a charity cd complied myself and Mike Lowery (members of UR and TK) and sold over the internet. ALL profits go towards the RR Scolarship at UCLA.
The only conditions are that the piece is your own/out of copyright (no RR solos please), and no more than 5 minutes in length. Any style is welcome, as are all ages-please note, if you are under 16 you may need to get mum/dad to drop us an e mail (see bottom of post)

Last year we raised c.$500 that would have covered a lage chunk of Classical Guitar lessons for a needy student.

Submissions thus far...

ex RR pupil Robert La Fond
ex RR pupil and working musician Janet Robin
Mike Lowery
The Donster
Chris H
Suzanne Sear
Patrick from UR
Joe (Skezza from UR)

we are waiting on entries from Bernie Torme and a few other guys too!

This is an exciting opportunity to be on a cd with some great artists and also see the influence Randy has had on such a diverse mixture of musicians.

You can pm me here, at UR or e mail me at

Cheers and the all the best

Having a break from online activity for a while to concentrate on music. Please email if you need to get in touch. Matt
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