Skezza playing Billy Idol

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Skezza playing Billy Idol

Post by Sarab »

Here is Joe playing Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell"

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Post by The Flying Dutchman »

Nice playin there!
Finally someone who is not afraid to use all the eighties pyro technique stuff! 8)
Cpt Matt Sparrow
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Post by Cpt Matt Sparrow »

Wow Joe is an insane player 8) Yes pyrotechnics is about right!8) Joe you made it look really easy too LOL

...I didn't realise that Billy Idol's songs had loads of guitar but then remembered in Guitar Techniques it said Guitarist Steve Stevens played with Idol and then it clicked also because he also did the Top Gun music :D and then it clicked because Steve endorses the Rebel Yell (Matt Holmes :roll:)

But great playing from a fresh faced looking Joe :D
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Post by Stevie »

Nice opening with those emotive bends followed by some tasteful tapping - great stuff!! Thanks a lot for sharing this :D

I'm not a big SS fan, but I was dragged along to see him with Idol some time back in the 80s, and he did possess a showmanship to rival BI. Good memories.
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Post by kingkongsballs »

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Post by Tommy »

Pretty cool 8)
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Post by Jake_E_Lee »

Thumbs Up! :mrgreen:
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