A peice i wrote yesterday hope you all enjoy :D

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A peice i wrote yesterday hope you all enjoy :D

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A peice i think you may enjoy, i only just created it yesterday.

http://media.putfile.com/Il-Concerto-Di ... on-Fielder

I called it il concerto di passione because i thought it sounded like it could be used with an ochrestra and i felt very passionatly about the peice but hey tell me what you think, my mum was impressed and the only critisim was the fact i put in some flat grinding notes.

random facts about the peice for ya.

1) Both guitars are played by me, recorded seperatly and spliced together.

2) The guitar i used was the Hondo II fed through my cheapy 20 watt practice amp.

3) i use mainly the scale found on the Crazy Train and Picking Up The Peices Guitar Solos (forgive me i dont know lol )

4) This is a rough edit without percussion, I am going to put some Boran drumming in.

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Lovely, Simon, just lovely!
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