Jake being back feels good!

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Jake being back feels good!

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Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time since I've posted or even stopped by but I'm here now and I just watched some great live performances of Jake's latest project "Red Dragon Cartel" and I have to say, Jake being back on stage tearing your face off feels pretty damn good! LoL He still has the sweetest vibrato in the biz and I'm digging the tone he's getting with the EVHIII rig and that white Charvel Jake E. Lee model.

So life has sent many curve balls at my face the last couple of years. I would say having a heart attack 3 months ago (end of last October) was the doosie but a recently passed kidney stone had me thinking that I was dying for sure, whatever it was because it is pain beyond any words can say! Still playing guitar and bass plus I picked up a couple of nice keyboard/synths that I couldn't pass up. Hope everyone is doing well. And not passing any kidney stones.. Definitely something to avoid.
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Re: Jake being back feels good!

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Good to know you're a survivor! Welcome back.
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