Stunning Randy Drawing

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Stunning Randy Drawing

Post by SixPounder »


:shock: :shock: :shock:

Artsit is Toan Thai

He has a guestbook if you would like to comment it
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Post by Xanadu »

Damn!!! That drawing is incredible. The artist really captured Randy....very, very good! :shock: :D
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Post by Tommy »

Wow, that drawing is awesome for sure! :shock: :D
Paul Wolfe
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Post by Paul Wolfe »

Being a former budding artist, I looked through the whole gallery, and there is some very good stuff there.
randys roadie
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Post by randys roadie »

great picture I wish i had it in a frame.
Randy rocked
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Post by banditbrooks »

That's a really cool drawing, whoever did it...
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Post by polka »

very impressive!
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Post by seide »

Mick E. Gee
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Post by Mick E. Gee »

very nice
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Post by BStanek »

Impressive! Love It
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Post by littlemissozzy »

yes that is about the best one that I have seen.
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Post by randyriot »

that is literally incredible. great drawing id pay a lot for that.
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Post by metal_head6704 »

Wow.....Excelent drawing !!!!!
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Post by The Flying Dutchman »

I think I missed that, awesome drawing! :shock:
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Post by ajtroy »

great drawing
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